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Severe thunderstorms in the Billings, MT area can leave a tremendous impact on our community, especially when those storms bring damaging winds and hail.  At MJB Trades, our goal is to give your home a lasting impression that will not only provide restoration but do it beautifully with only the highest quality materials, integrity, and keen eye for detail.  Whether your home needs a new roof, siding, gutters or paint, MJB Trades has your back!

  • Hail damage? No problem!
  • Curb appeal? Absolutely!
  • Siding, gutters, or paint? We use only the best!

Quality shingles, siding, and gutters installed skillfully using the best techniques ensure that your critical repairs will not simply be fixed, but they will stand the test of time. Our reputation for quality workmanship is something we value at MJB Trades. We know that a good reputation is earned, and our commitment to this community has earned MJB Trades one we are proud of. While some contractors may find it tempting to re-use materials or cut corners, our hard-working crew of professional licensed and insured installers work tirelessly to guarantee your home will make an impact for all the right reasons.

Our local experts have a wealth of knowledge and training to help you through every step of the process. We will help you with your insurance paperwork so that you can receive your maximum benefit for your home repairs. Restoration professionals at MJB Trades are committed to helping you choose materials that not only look good but will protect your investment for years to come. Our promise to our valued customers is simply this: We will restore your home to its original condition or better – guaranteed!

Top 5 Reasons to choose MJB Trades Inc.

  • Locally owned and operated
  • 20 years of service in community
  • High quality materials and workmanship
  • Licensed and insured
  • Quality – guaranteed!

We all know your roof is much more than a “roof over your head.” A good roof protects your biggest investment from the elements when the storms of life come! Whether you are replacing your roof due to an insurance claim because of hail damage, for regular maintenance, or to add curb appeal and resale value, you cannot afford to trust anyone but an expert with this important task. When you trust the professionals at MJB Trades, Inc. you can be assured that the job will be done right the first time! We use only the best materials and we are experts at installation. Your job will be done on schedule and within your budget, and it will be done with integrity from start to finish.

Nothing improves the look of your home more than new siding. MJB Trades, Inc. specializes in high-quality seamless vinyl siding, but they also have the expertise to help you with wood, composite, stucco, or even metal siding. Our experts will not pressure you into using one product or another, but we will work with you to achieve a beautiful look for your home. If you are replacing your siding because of hail damage and you want to upgrade your siding, we can help you with that as well! We have financing available so you can have the siding you want even when your insurance claim does not fully cover the cost of upgraded replacement.

Homeowners wanting to protect their homes understand the damage that water can cause. A quality gutter system is a crucial part of protecting your investment! A poorly maintained or damaged gutter system can lead to large scale damage to your home, costing you hundreds to thousands in repairs. The right gutter system moves the water that your roof sheds away from your home’s siding, windows, doors, and foundation, protecting your investment and pocketbook. At MJB Trades, we have a variety of gutter designs and styles for you to choose from. Whether you like open or shielded gutters, you can be confident that your new gutter system will be installed correctly, will add aesthetic appeal, and will protect your home for years to come.

One of the best ways to revitalize or transform your home or business is fresh paint! The professionals at MJB Trades, Inc. are experts in interior and exterior painting and can match any existing color flawlessly using only the best products on the market. Whether you are repainting your home or business, you can trust our color professionals to provide you with clean lines, smooth transitions, and eye-catching results. Our color consultants will work with you to help you achieve the best look, even with unique architecture or historical restoration. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

Storm Damage

Billings has certainly seen the impact of severe storms. Damaging winds, hail, and heavy rains bring with them the reality of necessary repairs which can be a costly burden for home and business owners. You can rely on our experts at MJB Trades to complete your restorations with high-quality materials and expert installations without breaking your budget. Our team will work with you to ensure that your finished project will not only restore the beauty of your property but give you assurance that it will weather the next storms!

MJB Trades, Inc. are master general contractors serving Billings and the surrounding area. As your one point of contact we take the hassle out of any project. We coordinate with vendors to communicate your vision and to ensure that your finished project accomplishes your goals on time and in budget. You can trust the experts at MJB Trades with your interior and exterior restoration needs.

MJB Trades, Inc. is a local company with a national reach. We regularly fulfill government contracts all over the United States in full compliance with OSHA regulations and permitting requirements. Our contractors are not only experts at period matching historical restorations, but we are meticulous with our paperwork. Our master contractors work with integrity to make sure that no detail is overlooked, no matter the project.

Project delays and permitting issues can cost business owners time and money. At MJB Trades, we thrive on meeting goals and finishing projects on tight deadlines. Our professionals take care to ensure that your business is not disrupted during remodel or repair projects. We work around your schedule so your facilities will be ready for business when you are!

Special Financing

We offer special financing to help you, no matter your project. Whether you need help meeting your insurance deductible or you would like to upgrade and expand your project beyond the scope of the original damage repair estimate, MJB Trades, Inc. is here for you. It is easy to apply for financing, and with speedy approvals, excellent terms, and flexible options to suit your needs, it is a great time to consider those upgrades! Click the button below to help your vision become a reality.

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